Inner Worlds

I created this composition to create a little mystery and to show others the inner worlds that are available to those who want to see. I chose this because I wanted to see if I could create something that would show others what I have seen. I was inspired because many people do not see or do not admit that they see these orbs. I hope to inspire others and leave them wondering about what they just saw. I hope they begin to look a little deeper within.



I used a multiple selection of tools and techniques to create my composition. I created the bubble like orbs by making two spheres and using the blend tool to create a ball shape. In order to make it glossy I made another ellipse and gave it an upward linear gradient. I then grouped and multiplied the objects and began to create diminished sizes and placed them in a spiral to create movement. I created the inner orb by using the ellipse tool and made in long and upwards. I then used the rotate tool to make a tight radial shape by duplicating this several times, this made a wonderful fixed radial object that I used to make the bigger orbs in the center. I then created a “spaceship” by combining a rectangle and a ellipse and blending them together. After this, I grouped it together with one of the bubble shapes. I chose a cool color theme to bring out the natural highlights of the shapes.


My overall goal for this piece is to inspire people to think and to go within and possible remember other worlds that they may have only dreamed about. The audience for this composition is any one who has ever dreamed of another world, an inner world. I would hope that any one who sees this composition

would walk away with a smile on their face and a desire to know more about who they are and the magnanimous possibilities to the world around them. I think I have accomplished my goals and I am very pleased with the final results. My biggest challenges with the piece was creating the dimensions as well as the proper lighting to create that glossy appearance. I had a great challenge keeping the background gradients to line up properly. (This is why they looked crooked in the previous designs). Overall, I enjoyed

making this composition and bringing to life the inner worlds in which I have been.



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