Throughout the world there are many different stories of creation. In every culture, every religion, there are stories of how life began. I wanted to create a piece that would represent this creation and how life is fragile and explosive. I am inspired by nature and how the four major elements (fire, air, water, earth) contribute to the balance of life. I used blend tools and different shades to create depth. I began with creating earth by making a grass type stroke, multiplied it and change its size. I then made a sphere and added a gradient to make it look like a water pond with ripples. I created splashes by drawing different shapes Biswell_Laurie_W6A1-Finalmultiplying and then use warp tool to give it a splash shape. I then used the pen tool to create a fire like shape and used the blend tool to create the fire shape. I put the different shapes together, overlapping them. In my thumbnails I tried different placements until choosing what became my final design. I was inspired by the look of a baby embryo and wanted to create a simulated yen yang symbol to show a aggressive/receptive state. My greatest challenges was creating the right amount of depth and how to arrange the color schemes in an appealing and realistic way. I decided to be more representative with the colors and shapes. This piece is for anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of life. I want those who view this piece to be inspired to create, to dream, to wonder about their existence. I feel like in my final composition I am successful in creating an inner world that describes creation. I love the colors because of their richness and I believe that creates the wonder and inspiration to look deeper. Life will always be want one makes it to be. Even though there are different stories of creation, they all have one thing in common, they tell of a beginning and a life ever after.

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