Magnanimous Creations was birthed as an idea to help others achieve their ideals and goals. In 1999, I attended a Spiritual Focus Session hosted by the School of Metaphysics. At that session, through the intuitive report called a Dharma Profile, I learned that my dharma is most aptly described as magnanimous. This was a new word to me. I learned quickly that one of its definition is “great soul.” This answered many of my questions of why I tended to forgive those that may try to tease or hurt me.

I created this site to help and give to others my knowledge and experience to create websites, give an idea for a project, research a how-to video, interpret a dream, give advice, create a logo for your business, create a special song for somebody, etc. Let me know your needs and I will let you know if I can fulfill them.

You can also create a wish list on our forum and maybe somebody can help you fulfill your desires. Have an idea or comment about this site? Leave your email address and I will listen to your ideas.

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