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Ask a Dream Interpretation Expert Now We have partnered with JustAnswer so that you can get an answer ASAP. Type your question here Laurie Biswell is a certified dream coach who has graduated the School of Metaphysics. The following link is where she learned dream interpretation.   Want to learn … Continue reading

Who’s Controlling You?

How Mass Media influences our waking and dreaming Lives Landing on the moon, the Kennedy assassination, September 11, 2001, these are all events that bring up images that many Americans will never forget. These events and many others throughout the years have been broadcasted by radio, television, and through movie … Continue reading

Inner Worlds

I created this composition to create a little mystery and to show others the inner worlds that are available to those who want to see. I chose this because I wanted to see if I could create something that would show others what I have seen. I was inspired because … Continue reading


Throughout the world there are many different stories of creation. In every culture, every religion, there are stories of how life began. I wanted to create a piece that would represent this creation and how life is fragile and explosive. I am inspired by nature and how the four major … Continue reading

Intuit Music 4 u

YYou may know your Zodiac sun sign. You may even know your Chinese Astrology. Perhaps you have even calculated the letters in your name into numbers. You may have also discovered your Dreamspell Natural Time sign and tone. Have you ever thought about how all those fit together or that they could give you musical notes that would create a special melody just for you? Now you can. Intuit Music 4 U is just that. All of the astrological, numerology, natural time, music notation all wrapped up in one.

Dream Interpretation

I am a Dream Coach certified by the School of Metaphysics Find out more You can submit a dream to me for interpretation by contacting me at magnanimous72 @ ( remove spaces) Please put Dream Interpretation request in the subject line.
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